Kemetic Vibes


I’m in the mood

Feeling the kemetic vibes flowing through your eyes

I see you got it

I want it

Bring it

Slip into the depths of my soul as my sensuality is awaken

Lift my sails as I float away in ocean

Feel the warmth of my ecstasy as we start this slow motion

Soft kisses delectable pleasures as you set my body a flame

Caresses soothing, magnetic to the touch

Grip my femininity as I brace for your pelvic thrust

Get beastly with your actions, choke then stroke

Bury your face in my valley as you lick I throw it back

Flip me over

surprise me from behind as abs meets cheeks, provocative smack

Allow your tongue to seep deeper into me 

As your sensual moans greet me with pleasurable sound

Passions erupting, euphoric orgasms as it’s about to go down


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