Allow me to climb outta your heart and into your mind
Swaddle in your reasonings as I learn how to love you
Understand love is my main focus, but the totality of your satisfaction is my ultimate desire
Mystical clairvoyance gives me sight beyond sight to see the things I need to see
To adore the woman, honor the Queen that stands before me
I’ll incinerate the possibilities of failure as it is not part of my vocabulary
Romantic subliminal messages I’ll carry into your recesses to cognitive finality
Irresistible as you are before first touch I’ll make love to your mind
Sensual thoughts percolating as my intellect captivated the sublime
My deliberate apprehension is a minor glitch as I settle in your memories as we grow old
Embedded in your psyche is the African spirit of Ma’at tattooed on the walls of the subconscious
The reincarnation of the twin flame reunited as we consummate in real time benevolence
As you counted from one to ten the things your promise for me not too remiss
Know that I am your Queen and whatever is your command is also my wish
A world we create here and now is our Ebony utopian fantasy
No matter what happened before you, what you have is the best choice of a woman in me
My earnest desire is to give that to which has made me hungry of which that they could not satisfy
I bow to the royal virility in you my Queen, the look of a soul mate that we will defy words without actions because is just another empty book
Be better than all before you, open the cover dive into my depths and take a closer look


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