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Sometimes all I know is that I love you more than I’ve loved any fire and I still have no idea how to live without your flames

It’s like being in vast expanses of nature and you’re still not able to breathe and if your veins are rivers I wish to swim until I’m trapped inside your heart…fire never felt so good, flames never burned so sweet

…Waters like the ones we swam never tasted so good. Addicted would be an understatement. I’d have to cultivate some other way to define your potency. You take my breath away like early mornings out of bed in winter when the air steals your breath mid exhale and chills run up your spine and you’re reminded you need that fire to breathe peacefully

We are but two strangers who share the same ghosts I can only write of you, and you will live here with me for as long as my hands can hold a pen–your eyes are such a beautiful shade of vacant why do you exist in places I can’t reach with hands?

…My mind is home to a thousand ghosts and each of them wear your face if they asked me what you looked like  I’d paint them pictures of sunsets and sunrises until they understood the depth of your beauty. The way your irises light up my life–the calm you provide that smooths my wrinkles and irons out my doubts; how you come and go on a precise schedule turning me into your addict I’d chase the belief of you under a dozen skies forever enthralled. Come into my world, I’m hopeless at polite conversation and I can’t relate to most people–it’s lonely sometimes, but mostly strange and quite beautiful 

Perhaps you and I should be more afraid of these flames–beautiful disasters littered with unforgettable moments. Irreplaceable graces like the quiet calm when your mind is running wild and you just can’t find the words. This is why your flames entice me–the urge to own the very nature of all your complexities is that selfish of me? And you know we never embraced fear because we are GODS.

…We own the world between these fingers and this paper of ours.


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