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Your kisses taste like sunlight, my inhibitions gleam as your lips trace the line of my passions…I’m putty in your hands, I melt inside of your ecstasy as our souls make love for the thousandth time but ever as intoxicating & fulfilling as the first time; you know me better than I know myself as you walk the pages of memories you stroke my feminine wilds as you awaken that beast in me–Eyes as warm as the sun, ight as pure as snow, touch me & I am touched leave me and where will I go?  You ravish my existence as I can’t make heads nor tails of what you’re doing to me I was over you, I made it out alive & finally free from your grasp & as I live & breathe I am lost wandering & knowing I will never be the same…some things smelled like you even somehow tasted like you & some even tried to feel like you but none could rise to the occasion–So I am left marched forward & muddled through life missing the greatest part of me the that never existed until I uttered your name…


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