photoAlphabetical delicious, unexplainable magnetic dialect of your expressions–kissable linguistics as you lap up these erotic words; erect tongues fascination as the colloquialism fondles my vocabulary, soothing audible utterance that meets with lyrical vulgarity, fluctuate this aphrodisiacal derivative as you play with slangs jargon with loud sounds. Stroke the dimensions of my speech as my lust reaches out of bounds, you are the eluder of emotions but master of lickable wordplay; Ripples of desire grass over my questions as your tongue exasperates foreplay, scrumptious kisses so delicious, juicy morsels of sheer bliss, and carnal delight, the way you slip my adjectives make me want to demolish you with passions untold as they dribble down my lips on my cheeks. Explosive fantasies are created in my mouth with your kisses, not one word you had to speak. We have ventured down ecstasy’s path I’m taking a ride on your climatic licks, only moans, and screams are what you heard–the delectable way you devoured me, left me on passions threshold…strung out on lickable words.


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