Vegetables: Raw vs Cooked

Seeing all the beautiful colours of vegetables on my plate, or whenever I am preparing it simply excites me! Am I the only one this happens to? Lol anyway, there are plenty of pros & cons where consuming them raw or cooked, goes. But, overall there are PLENTY of health benefits. They boost your energy–which in turn improves your mood, & where a female is concerned they also help to balance her hormones. Vegetables should be the largest part of your meal, as well as they are good for snacks. I’ve selected a few of my favourite vegetables to share with you, & I’ll also be listing the health benefits when prepared cooked or raw!

Eat Cooked: Very good source of Fiber, Vitamins A, C, E, & enhances the ability of insulin to transport glucose from the bloodstream into cells.

Eat them Raw: Beets lose more than 25 percent of their folate when cooked. Eating them raw will preserve this brain compound.

Eat Raw: We cook them, but cooking them takes away majority of the nutrients; Heating deactivates myrosinase, an enzyme in broccoli that helps cleanse the liver of carcinogens.

Eat Raw: I simply love seeing this on my plate, the rich colour, & certainly the TASTE! Their vitamin C breaks down when roasted, fried, or grilled above 375 degrees.

Eat Cooked: This is one of my everyday vegetable, for both my meals & juices. However, have it cooked and you’ll absorb more calcium, iron, and magnesium–powerful stuff.

Eat Cooked: (I personally prefer them raw) When you eat tomatoes cooked, your body absorbs more of their cancer-fighting lycopene.



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