Challenge yourself: The amazing story of Ernestine Shepherd

Making the decision to not only work out a couple of times a week & or to switch up your eating habit doesn’t happen overnight. No, it’s often time what I call a period of “Trial & Error” mixed with an enormous amount of frustration; it no doubt require will-power, consistency, you believing in yourself, & also trusting the process. However, that’s ONLY HALF THE BATTLE! Implementing exercise into the equation brings the puzzle somewhat together, making it a LIFESTYLE in turn brings all the pieces together. In this blog post, I wanted to use my little platform to showcase this AMAZING woman, she’s the EPITOME of what it takes to DEDICATE, stick with, CHALLENGE, & push your body to be the powerhouse of a machine it is. The story of Ernestine Shepherd, (age 72 at the time her story began spreading like wildfire back in 2011/2012)was declared, by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest competitive female body builder YES, you read right! Age, 72. She is not only a wife, she’s also a mother, grandmother, & yet she made the conscious decision to not only redefine what a lot of people think about age/women who are older & FITNESS, but she also put her body to the ULTIMATE test. We make life/long-term decisions everyday.  Whether it’s in regards to matters of the heart, work, family etc., but yet, we become very lackluster when it’s time to sincerely challenge ourselves; We continuously put our health on the back-burner, forget to even take about 15-30 minutes to get physically active. Fitness, & health goes hand in hand…neither won’t happen on its own, fight for it–demand it from yourself.

here’s the link to Ernestine Shepherd story:

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photo 1

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