Euphoric Chess.

photo (7)

I stand firm, my effervescent allure is your virtual euphoric chessboard. My defense hold fast, as you fire your passionate missiles to launch your erotic attack. you bombard my walls aggressively and they shake, shiver, collapse upon impact, you wage war with my desires; I succumb to all your tactics as you produce the secret gambit upon my precious pawn. obliterate my resolve, penetrate my weakness for you have won the heart of your enemy with this dislodging maneuver, all while my sensual positions have been played…Queen side casting lust won, surrender your knight’s orgasm as your Bishop retreats, relinquish your formation…you are the Grand Master now, so KING ME. A worthy opponent of manipulation sits at my table of stimulated seduction of our mating attack; Every move secretly describing the angle of which entry is best described, a slow pawn stroke to open the game up first for this dynamic foreplay, followed by swift Bishop sideways attacks widening up your position; Knight movements with my hands to your capture, the symmetry of her supple breasts–to grasp the cups you attempted to hide allow to me break down your defense with long rook even power pumps to get to my Queen. Yes, there she stands alone protecting that jewel of affection, Detection alarms as you try to avoid the inevitable but, I captured you and punished your fortress with positional sacrifice and give my liquid crown–Stand down



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