Mentally I…

photo (3)

Mentally I am drawn to you, as the delectable nature of this meeting has me feeling like de ja vu, ingenuity has crushed ego as this intellectual bond has watered this cognitive conversation you’ve sparked my mental faculties in tact, I know the evil that can be done as my emotions are raw and wild–so, my emotions I protect as if they were under siege; Battle of wits, tug of war, you against me, so it’s come down to this. Captivated by this electrifying connection, let me awaken you with my THIRD eye kiss, open your mind, let me flood the gates of your consciousness with my subtle sensual waters I saturate each crack and crevasses swim with my tide, sinking isn’t an option as it’s about to go down–brace yourself and allow this torrential downpour to seep down through the floorboards of your psyche, wash all over your thoughts swiftly and drown hidden memories as we mentally make love, the subliminal ecstasy reciprocated is more than notion as your reasoning reach new heights of orgasmic proportion. Let me take you down into the imaginative wetland of my utopian wonderland cognizant that your intellect is erect as you were sleeping, yet alive in your dreams now awaken in this cerebral nightmare as I am verbally attacking the voice in your head, hear it scream. I am your sexual clairvoyant, I show you things you dare to want to see, allow me to inundate you with erotic visions of my exotic fantasy, as I telepathically touch your soul the part that no one has ever seen; let me slow stroke the recesses of your intelligence as my passionate intuition make you surrender all your romantic inhibitions to me, the tragic inevitability is that I’ve had you over and over in my mind, the veracity of this magnetic connection is so sublime, so familiar even before your lips has ever touched mine.


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