Galactic Love

I am that desire that you breathlessly reach for in the silent darkened night. The form your hands seek when inspired & inclined to incite, Push your sweet wine drenched lips slowly against mine, Get me drunk imbue languid kisses down my arched spine—push your lips against my ear and whisper softly to me all the secrets of the universe all the passion that you see; Strip my querulous affectation while methodically tasting this eclipse…Your desire an agony of lust, execute me with every thrust where words are lovers & lovers sublime returning to the scene of the crime. Roll this muse & light me up, Draw me in under your skin—Oh addict take another hit, we are both a distinguished sort of wrecked misfit. Drip venom between my thighs, make me admit I like you…While I writhe beneath you uncompromised, time is nonexistent as I’ll never forget the way I felt every time I had the courage to look deep into your eyes—beyond that, piercing through the depths of your soul; every single atom of you is an undiscovered galaxy while partaking in your delights here on earth…both our energies dance around tirelessly, our silhouettes are beautiful even in this passion filled death.


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