For My Sistas!!

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Beautiful, there is serenity within our unity…they try to put us against each other with the whole light vs dark skin thing, little do they know that we are all one blood–ROYALTY that runs deep within our veins. Kemetic Queens, beautiful with sun-kissed/melanin skin; Oh how jealous they’re because they have to tan to be golden, put on boatloads of make up to be amazing while we are naturally mesmerizing, brown hued and dazzling–chocolate. You say one shade is better than the other, but that statement and those like it are absolutely ridiculous, don’t let these 50 shades of black fool you, we are strong, empowered, unique and fearless! We are built to last, we were not built to break…or even bend. See, our black IS BEAUTIFUL, BOLD, PROUD, and United in these different shades, all bound and rooted in one LOVE. Together we make up our maternal family, even though we are different–you are my SISTA, you are my mother, my friend, my confidant, all equal; But, we truly are each others strongest defense. It’s true we all have traveled down different paths, yet we face the same obstacles each day in life with our mates, our children, our family/friends and our careers–even more so, with the same struggles deep within ourselves because we are complex as any woman can be. The strength of the soul is our true natural beauty, together we show our African heritage with much vigor, sensuality, wisdom, honor, and pride. We are strong women, entrusting and comforting one another rather than tearing each other down and hating on one another. Sista, if I have ever done anything to hurt or offend you, I’m sorry—I love you, because you reflect me, and I YOU. Black women, UNITE! 


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