Curvacious Wombman

photo (4)

Nevermind the lies they tell, you know the way to my desire, the hidden mysteries/secrets…you know them so well. You hug the roads of my curves with soft hands/you mount my angles like no other can, hitting all the corners in between whether I’m light, dark, thin, or thick, you are the derivative to the equation that sums up this Queen. The way you glare at me, makes me know that sexiness causes endless scrutiny in your back–look pass the veneer of this worlds perception of me, ignite my fire as my intuition reacts; No matter what size they say I need to be you love and appreciate the beauty that is I, along with this euphoric sex appeal. Come taste the deliciousness of my femininity that overflows from my chest overdose on all my sweets, I’ll be the sinner you be the saint, and let time handle the rest, move with me to the rhythm of the high that as we rock out a love that one can explain. Feel my emotions surrender emphatically as you read the hieroglyphics of my pain, navigate your stick shift into my Mo Better valley in hopes that you’ll make it rain, Indeed it doesn’t take two to love all this nor does it take three–It takes someone REAL with a large appetite to serve the diamond in the rough that is ME!


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