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Our love is as the blank sheet as I begin to write I’m broken, as this constant longing for your words deforms my speech–Kemetic energy that flows through my veins, stagnant…missing you in the way you maliciously grasp hold of me, heaping torture mounts on my mind as I to outrun the memories, can you hear the depression of your belligerent silence as it tries to comfort me? Even as this grimace is written on my face, the menacing thoughts gather with swift haste. Your love is gone from me, and this shocks me back into reality; My feminine wilds wants to be vindictive but I cease with those sinister plans–I long for the one that makes my soul weeps & even now as my heart is break, what am I to do? What else can I do? I will patiently wait for the only I know, meanwhile I’m still missing you.


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