Male/Female Prespective

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Don’t be afraid to undress in front of me. I love your body, don’t be subconscious about your weight, you are beautiful inside/out and your personality grabbed my heart, You treat me better than any woman has ever had; You’re smart, intelligent, you’re funny, you’re my inspiration, my backbone, and your body makes me yearn for ONLY you. Queen, understand that beauty comes in all shapes, shades, I love your thickness–your thickness is my weakness, and I’m going to keep telling you this until it sinks in. Everything I need is in YOU! We have the power to heal each other, I’m not the one that your broke your heart, I love you for who you are, and no matter what you think or what anyone else says I got your back…hear the drum beat of my naked heart–romance, and intimacy influenced when I envelope you, I don’t want to be found you’re my hideout; I long for your sweet smell, the subtle softness of your skin, the warmth of your love, I melt like wax and I need more of you…and not an ounce less will do!


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